Rooms and Meals


<Room type>

Rooms: 6 Western style rooms and 2 Japanese style 'Tatami' rooms
 4 people bunkroom - dormitory (male)
 4 people bunroom - dormitory (female)
 6 and 4 people bunk bedrooms. Private room
 Quad rooms - Three single beds and one loft bed. Private room
 Tatami (Japanese style) rooms which accommodate 2 or3 people. Private room
<Meal, Kitchen amenities and Communal Kitchenette>
Breakfast(JPY600); Western style. Cereal and toast, egg, sausage, bacon or ham, salad, milk and fresh fruit juice.
We also serve fresh brewed organic coffee, tea, green tea. Various different types of soup are also available.
Dinner(JPY1,200); Japanese home style cooking. Meat or Fish, Salad/Vegetable side dishes, rice and soup and dessert. One glass of wine are complementary.
We also sell glass wine, 100% malt beer Sapporo Classic and Chuhai.
We always use free range eggs from local farms. We buy the eggs from the producer direct. We also use locally grown rice and vegetables as much as possible since their quality and taste is excellent. We have our own veg garden.
Spring water, hot water kettle, microwave, portable gas cooker and pop-up toaster are available. You can eat some take away food reheated or use hot water to have noodle or soup. There is small sink and basic cooking tools too. You can cook simple dish like noodle or egg-fry. No BBQ since there is no range-hood.